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The 4th International Scientific Conference

on Prevention and care of procreation health 

Human Procreation - discoveries and novelties.

Fertility awareness, diagnosis and treatment of disorders”


26 October 2014

Warsaw Medical University

Didactic Center, Lecture hall A

Księcia Trojdena Street 2a 



9.00-10.00 Registration of participants

10.00-10.15 Official opening. Welcome and presentation of guests and participants

Prof. dr Michał Troszyński, IMiD/ dr Ewa Ślizień-Kuczapska, Hospital of St. Sophie in Warsaw


Session 1 Taking care of fertility-discoveries, new trends and novelties in the field of Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABM)


Prof. dr Bogdan Chazan, Hospital of Saint Family in Warsaw, Prof. René Ecochard, Claud Bernard Lyon University, France



Contemporary research on cervical mucus. The condition of cervical crypts depending on woman's age and style of life (lecture translated)

Dr Micaela Menarguez Carreño, Catholic University of St. Antonio de Murcia, Spain


11.00-11.30 Application of fertility bio-markers in medical practice

Dr NFP Medical Consultant Aleksandra Kicińska, Gdansk Medical University


11.30-12.00 Application of new technologies in fertility recognition

Dr C.E. Krzysztof Walczak, Institute of Technology in Poznań


12.00-12.15 Coffee break


Session 2 The most common female disorders influencing fertility

Prof. dr Ewa Dmoch-Gajzlerska, Warsaw Medical University, dr Natalia Suszczewicz, Hospital of Saint Family in Warsaw


12.15-12.45 Endometriosis – still an unknown illness - scientific research and own medical practice

Dr Radosław Maksym NFP Medical Consultant, Military Medical Institute, Warsaw


12.45-13.00 Disorders of the bottom of pelvis and marital infertility

B.Sc. Michał Koszla, Poznań


13.00-13.15 Physiotherapy in dysfunctions of the bottom of pelvis with pain symptom

B.Sc. Anna Klicka,, Warsaw


13.15-13.45 PCO syndrom – differentiation, diagnostic difficulties, own medical practice

NFP Medical Consultant dr Katarzyna Jankowska, Postgraduate Medical Center, Warsaw

13.45-14.30 Dinner (Lunch)


Session 3 Prevention of male infertility. What can be done?

Prof. dr Janusz Gadzinowski, Poznan Medical University, dr Piotr Broda


14.30-15.00 Factors conditioning (influencing) male fertility. Diagnosis and therapy.

Prof. dr Krzysztof Kula, Department of Andrology and Endocrinology of Fertility Department, Medical University in Łódź


Session 4 Bio-ethics issues and professionalism in medical profession/occupations.

Contemporary dilemma. Life testimony.

Prof. dr Dorota Kornas-Biela, Catholic University in Lublin, dr Hanna Cerańska-Goszczyńska


15.00-16.00 Attitudes of physicians concerning contemporary threats of procreation health

Dr Wanda Półtawska, Cracow


16.00-16.30 Personalistic or procedural medicine?

Prof. dr Tadeusz Tołłoczko, Bio-ethic Committee PAN (Polish Academy of Science)


16.30-17.00 Discussion, questions and official closing of the conference


Educational points and certificates for participants

NOTION! The organizers of the conference inform that the program of the conference may be changed for reasons beyond their control.

Attendant events:

1. Workshops concerning diagnostics and therapy of menstrual cycle disorders presented by different NFP. Doctor's and NFP teacher's comments.

2. Poster session – Trends, novelties, research and scientific reports concerning the topic of the conference.

3. Stalls of sponsors and organizations promoting procreation health.